Co-op Helpers Programme




Would you like to volunteer at the Harbour Co-op?

Drop in or give us a ring or email to enquire about a role from the list below and away you go…one of the family!

Bring a friend along, It’s always more fun to work with others, this is a great opportunity to hang out with Owners and the wider community while contribute to the daily running of the shop. 1-2 hour shifts are most productive, though basically any amount of time, no matter how small, is helpful. 

There are always little things to do behind the scenes to make the shop run smoothly.  Things like packing of bulk items, stocking shelves, filling up bulk bins and containers, cleaning or research new products and other roles such as marketing/ IT / admin etc. 

Contact the Store Manager to talk over a time and day that you suits. 

For every 15 minutes you work in the shop, you’ll receive a stamp on a card.  Once you have 8 stamps you receive 15% off your next purchase up to $250.  So basically for every 2hrs, you receive a great discount.

Good time volunteer. Here are some specific days and times for help….

·       Mon – Fri…11 am - 1pm  Help set up the shop and unpack deliveries.

·        Monday… Orders ; fruit & veg delivery, clear out crates & boxes.

·        Tuesday…12– 2 pm   tidy store rooms, rubbish out day.

·        Wednesday… 2-6 pm to refill bulk containers and jars.

·        Thursday... Free Flow - get random jobs done, see job board.

·        Friday… Stock up store for market; snack mixes and mix up muesli

·        Saturdays…2-4 pm to help clean up and tidy store from the market.

·        Sundays…1-5 pm topping up shelves, clean shop utensils.


Below are some of the key roles we are looking for involvement in

Board members We currently have 6 board members however with 2 overseas and only 1 living in Lyttelton we need more local hands on Directors….1 meeting per month plus negotiable additional responsibilities.

Retail – Anyone with retail experience to provide advice to improve our customer experience… One off or ongoing – as available.

Volunteer Support & Induction team  – We’re looking for experienced Co-op’ers who would feel comfortable running induction sessions for our new members. Each one would involve a tour of the Co-op plus an explanation of how we operate, and how to use the shop. And our growing band of volunteers  are in need someone to help organise them, coordinating volunteer roster. Hours to be confirmed.

Makers & Bakers – If you love baking or making raw desserts, or creating heathy snack and lunches then  this job is for you. 

Handy Person  – A handy person is often required for little odd jobs around the co-op – from fixing leeks to drilling holes.

IT - Troubleshooting with Totalpos, website maintenance, and computer issues.

Website Administrator  – Our website is in need of updating and maintenance. If you are an experienced web designer or have any fresh ideas please get on board!

Newsletter, Marketing & Promo – If you’re an avid writer and are keen to either share or build knowledge or improve ours, in email marketing, creating our e-news (with input and help from others!) and help inspire and connect with our members? 

Product Research – We are starting up a product research team to provide shoppers with general information and recipes, nutritional benefits and how best to use them. Also to new product research, specialist and local products, plus what are the latest trends.

Legal   If you have legal experience we occasionally need some sound legal advice.

Finance / Accounting advice – Are in any way qualified or want to gain more experience in finance and/ or accounting, particularly in the areas of  tax, tracking.

Grant writing We are hoping to apply for grants and other types of funding options, to help maintain the shop and get some projects off the ground. If you are experienced and or confident in grant writing we could really use your help!


Jump on board and lets grow together for our community and the future of Food Sovereignty & People Power.