Lyttelton Community

Lyttelton Harbour Business Association's Networking Fridays

Are you a business owner or manager who lives or works in the Lyttelton Harbour area?  If so come join us on Friday mornings from 9:30am-10:30am for an indepth member talk, followed by round table sessions where each person at the meeting gets to talk about whatever they want to talk about for five minutes with their group. Many give a business introduction, or a case study, or talk about something that happened this week.  Others will ask the group for advice, get feedback on a new market or idea, brainstorm ideas, or be a survey panel for the business owner during their five minutes.

Contact Dana at 021-027-05450 or for the current meeting location & to RSVP.

Lyttelton Farmer's Market

Lyttelton gains an extra buzz on Saturday mornings when the Farmer's Market turns London St into a giant food shopping party, complete with multiple live music areas as well as buskers in Albion Square & on the street.  There is also a art, craft & second hand market at the same time.  10am - 1pm is the official time - but come early!  Many stalls start to sell out around 11:30.  For a list of the food vendors on the main street (and to get an idea of how large this market is) see Project Lyttelton's Farmers Market Vendors Page