Bulk Outers

So I hear you thinking to yourself, “What is this mysterious ‘bulk outer’? And why should I be so excited to be receiving a discount on them? And why are you listening to my thoughts…” Well I’m glad that you subconsciously asked…

In retail lingo a bulk outer is a fixed number of items packaged for transport. Things like cartons of rice milk and tinned beans come in outers of 12, many others 6, and of course unusual ones are plentiful as well…

This also includes whole sacks of beans, grains, seeds, etc – mostly 25kg, but most standard grains do come in a 10kg option.

Basically a bulk outer is something that we don’t have to open and handle the contents of.

So if, as a Co-op Member, you would like to purchase a bulk outer you will receive a discount. Currently this is 10% and will go up or down based on how financially sustainable it is for the business, and if we can offer more of a discount.

Place your order in person at the shop, or ring us on 03-328-8544. Depending on the item, you may need to allow 1 to 4 weeks for order to arrive.

Buying in bulk is fun!!!