Household Member Benefits

A Household Share can be owned by an individual, or jointly owned by two adults, and any of their dependents living at the same address. These are the current benefits offered to Household Members:

Have Your Say
  • Vote for the board of directors.
  • Contribute to other decisions regarding the running of the co-op.
Member Discounts

The specifics of discounts change over time and may include:

  • Member Priced Items, lower than non members.
  • Monthly Product Discounts
  • Discounts on Co-op organised workshops
  • A share in any profit.
    The proportion of any profit that is returned to members is at the discretion of the board, taking into consideration the financial position of the business, and the financial requirements for member-supported initiatives (e.g. education, business expansion...)
    The value of a member's share in any distributed profit will be proportional to the total amount they have spent at the co-op during the year; the more you spend, the greater your share of any returned profit.
    Note that any profit made in the first 2+ years of the co-op's business will not be returned to members, but will be used to grow the capital of the business.
Community Involvement

As a general principle, the more you are involved in the cooperative, the more you will get out of it, not only in terms of financial incentives such as discounts and profit-share, but in community-related terms as well.

  • Keep our local food store in the community
  • Free or discounted workshops, tasting evenings...
  • Learn about cooperatives
  • Get to know other co-op members at co-op working bees
  • Be involved in making our community the place we want it to be